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Listening to your body & shaking off stress with Emotional Bodywork

Do you recognize that nagging feeling that something’s not right, but you don’t know what and you’d just like to get away from it? Are you stressed? Do you swallow difficult emotions or do they overtake you when it’s least appropriate? Can’t you stop thinking?

Emotional Bodywork invites you to feel more and to understand better whát you feel. By doing that you discover better what you need than with merely thinking.

You give movement and breath to emotional and physical tensions that have become stuck in your body for lengths of time.

The result is more inner peace. You discover how to stay in touch with a feeling that ‘hurts’, and how merciful that is. You open up more to pleasant feelings and experience how to integrate thoughts and feelings.

Movement, breathing, expression and meditation are the elements of a workshop.

It’s never about performance, but about getting in touch with what you feel. The exercises vary from quiet and exploratory to intense movement or dance where you can give it all you’ve got.

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Some exercises you do on your own, sometimes you work with a partner or in group, always in respect with your limits.

Often music supports what we do. There is room for quiet integration, often lying down, and for short rounds where people who want can say something.

During the MOVE TO FEEL series we focus on a different body part every session. In that way you  listen to your body signals from feet to shoulders, neck and head. After two hours and a half you have shaken off your day and walk out energetic ánd relaxed, close to your body and to yourself.

Suitable for women and men off all ages, fit and less fit.


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