Can’t stop thinking?
Feel stress or difficult emotions?
Would you like to get a better sense of what is good for you?

Discover what your body has to tell you

workshops for organisations
* online
* at several locations in Belgium

individual body oriented therapy
* in Antwerp


in het Nederlands

Sounds like you?

My workshops and individual sessions are aimed at people who want to deal differently with stress, pain, fatigue, restlessness.

They are suitable for women and men of all ages, fit and less fit.

During a workshop or individual session, you will

  • become more aware of your body, both in physical sensations and in emotions
  • move, sometimes quietly and sometimes very actively
  • breathe more
  • become silent

All this with respect to your limits and wishes.

The result is more serenity and less tensions.

MOVE TO FEEL – Emotional Bodywork

physically more active than mindfulness
freer in movements than yoga

For workshops I collaborate with organisations. English medium workshops can be organised tailored to your organisations.

Contact me for a workshop at your organisation

Visit the Dutch version of this website for an overview of workshops in Dutch.

View my workshops in Dutch

Individual body oriented therapy sessions are possible in Antwerp at Groepspraktijk Zuid, Pol de Montstraat 8, 2020 Antwerp, both in Dutch and in English.

Contact me for individual body oriented therapy

Trainer & methods

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I am Ann, born in 1973,  master of biology (KU Leuven) by education and working as an independant trainer in communication topics.

I followed the four-year training in emotional bodywork at the Belgian Network for Emotional Bodywork NEL vzw.

I keep updating and nuancing emotional bodywork as the scientific evidence for body-oriented therapy is growing each day. I find inspiration in the work of

  • psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, PhD
  • psychotherapist Pat Ogden, PhD
  • psychologist Peter Levine, PhD
  • psychologist/philosopher Eugene Gendlin, PhD
  • psychologist/physiotherapist Joeri Calcius, PhD
  • psychotherapist Stephen Porges, PhD